people come up and say,"hello"
okay, i can get to the front
of the line but you have to ignore
the looks and yet...
i'm waiting for
that feeling of contentment

stevie and i went out and met some fun australians; after, we told
them to have a street dog when the bar closes because everyone must
do it at least once . we all went back to my place and danced in
front of the galaxy projector to nicholas jaar . i fell asleep in the bathroom
waiting for the shower to warm up and when i woke everyone was gone :)

dakota and i shooting for a filipino sun glass company . i had
a major embarrassing pimple and after a couple of hours they told dakota
that they wanted him to shoot w/ the girls and for me to go home lol

my friends and i went out on a friday nite to see the magician at exchange
downtown . such a fun time w/ these guys . even though we
are all a little different, the way we like to go out is the same, we like to
have fun and dance . i've only met Nick once; however when he landed his
flight from NY he hit me up and i invited him and his lady out w/ us . was just
a super fun time w/ my friends <3 after minji joined us at 3am, so nice

remi and i on the same job ^^ i did my very first job w/ him for levi's,
and since we have been on the same job for adidas, levi's, pacsun etc
but we never work the same day :/ crazy to think that i went to nigeria w/ him
and that modeling brought us together . that's what i love about this job <3









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