it's not a nipple
so don't pinch it

so before i left on sat i casually asked my roomate if he has any porn,
he said yeah and came up w/ this... ? it's just the girls faces ? i turned around
to say wtf but he was already gone . i think it was a booby trap . i call her 'the meditator'

'the napper'

no joke i really think she was sleeping, she didn't move at all

'the ponderer'

are you pooping ? what is going on here ?!!? yeah i'm really hard... okay anyways

i stayed w/ emma from the last post in malibu for fri and saturday .
literally on the sand could not have been happier

next day noboru came over and i finished his music video

remember when she said i should model ? i thought it was just a whatev comment,
but she wasn't playing . now i find myself at Tony Duran's house .

style me baby

more on this shit later

got home around 2, then brian&david came over so we didn't go to sleep

went for a swim  

6 a.m. still wet from the swim, first time i have ever watched the sunrise over the ocean
looking out i felt a wave of relief wash over me in an awesome way





she says these are her E songs

this 1 is the jam