i did two editorials w/ this amazing photographer matthias vriens-mcgrath .
i first shot w/ him in this editorial . perfect example of when you try something
new and let yourself loose a lil' it will work out in your favor . all the other models
from the first shoot were pussies and because of that only "the J-MAN" shot w/ him again :P
we did two editorials in one day, one was a hitchhiking story and the other was a swimsuit story .

the girl model and the other two guy models were hotties . the girl
was a total SEX BOMB, no other way to describe her . so sexy

every guy looking at my site is pausin on this photo for 15 seconds minimum ^^
i'm at this moment just staring at this w/ drool all over the keyboard

just your 2 average gorgeous handsome male models, and then...

.... there's uummmm this guy ^^

got bored for a while so i started to play around in peter's wigs

the hitchhiking photos were so amazing, some
of my favorite photos of me yet . this photographer just GETS IT !

i don't care what anyone says i look cool AS FUCK w/ a wispy moustache if all
the clients wanted me w/ it i would be so siked 2 keep it i think it completes me

derek and i shot some more photos a week later at siren studios . when we rolled
up matthias was wrapping up shooting katy perry, i kept telling derek i was gonna take
a pic of her . he didn't believe me, then she came out w/ her massive entarouge and i
totally bitched out . it's just funny because i think that i'm willing to do everything sometimes
but i still can be a total pussy . but we had a good laugh about it regardless :)

we shot this shirt for his amazing website bl33n.com . i guarantee if you
visit his site you will be hooked and be on there for at least 10 min . the proceeds
of this shirt benefits all people affected by the anti gay laws in russia . good stuff :)







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