someone must have done this before and
i know you and i know the score, i don't care
i can't walk away, you can't walk away
i can't walk away, you can't walk away
i can't walk away... in chinatown

went to new york to shoot w/ my idol ryan mcginley .
if you look thru my site there is so many instances where i talk about him,
he changed the way i see things, all things, and is one of the biggest reasons why
i am into photography . anywho here's the story, i went to the arclight in hollywood to see james bond
and i walked past him . i sat down and was so pissed because i knew if i didn't say something
to him i would regret it forever . so i thought, "fuck it" and just went up to him . it was really embarrassing
but he was so genuine and nice so i was pretty siked afterwards . i instragram'd a pic of him and hashtagged his name .
20 weeks later his studio hit me up because he found my photo randomly on insta and he was down to shoot me .
a skype interview later and a plane ticket and i'm in new york . this is something i only dreamed about when i was 17/18 .
if i didn't break the box and rush it i would have never shot w/ him, never achieved this goal . and i did it all myself, it's still just so cool !

here is the photo that got all of this ^^

i kicked it w/ this one the whole time ^^ it was amazing, she totally saved my trip because literally EVERY friend of mine
was out of town . when we met a wave of relief washed over me in an awesome way because i knew we totally clicked

ryan mcginley, thank you... just, thank you . best time ever :)

kristina and i were just winging it friday nite and we came across these girls coming out of a club
and kristina asked them where they were going and wanted to roll w/ them . they were so down
for us and the next thing i know i'm in their SUV limo rollin to a club watching them twerk the whole way

i took these two photos above to show that i was the ONLY white person
in this whole place . never been to a spot like this, it was so much fun

kristina was so good, i luv this pic of her freaking me

this was all friday, probably one of the best days of my life

then saturday i went to long island where she lives to hang out w/ her family and friends .
she picked me up at the station and we went to her family's deli, i gave her my "ballin" sweater she loves it

her grandpa looks so much like "the godfather" it's eerie ^^

this is our last moment together and she covers her face.... tite

this trip was about all things, new people/moments, wingin' it, goals, love, leaving yourself open to new experience,
and most of all giving yourself up to the wonder . this won't be the last time
"one day there comes a time when you have to stop running and turn around to face the tiger"









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