i love this shot ^^ director and first AD discussing what's going to happen . these are all
photos from a mentos commercial i did . it was honestly the most fun i've ever had on a job,
i worked from 8am-8pm and loved every second . so in those 12 hours the other four actors would
come in and work for around 2 and a half hours each and i would do my skit w/ them, everyone
on set, every actor, director, ad's, dp's, crew, makeup, stylists, everyone was so amazing .
since we filmed it on the venice boardwalk, every take i had a live audience of locals and tourists,
all snapping their camera phones and laughing, cheering, booing every take, whether i fell or landed it,
it was such a rush . this will go down as one of my best jobs that i'll ever do easily . thx mentos and everyone :)

if you've ever worked w/ me you know i'm that annoying guy that's always taking pictures of everything .
I just love to get it all . this guy on the left was amazing, i asked him if he would hold my camera and let
me snap pictures whenever. so for 12 hours this guy had my camera around his neck and let me do my thing .

this guy... ^^ he was my mentos dude . after every time the director would yell "CUT" i would spit my mentos
into a bucket he held, then he would reload my candy package . I must have bit into/eaten over 200 mentos that day...

i have never seen this before, he was following me for some shots on a
segway that you only control w/ your legs, not hands, pretty interesting

i have two boards and brought them both . they put a go-pro camera
on this one but i haven't seen the footage, i bet it was really fun

my dude right here, he is on madthirsty 5 posts before this one at the beach .
i just love that when you go to a job you can hit it off w/ someone immediately
and just start hanging out, i talk to him often he is so rad .

that's a wrap !

after the second AD's and i just chilled at the hotel bar and had a couple drinks .
i loved this day, everyone was so real, i got to skate, (the audience made that amazing)
and make new friends, and the final product is so tite ! what else could i ask for . i love it all




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