taylor texted me one day that he found a great airfare deal
to visit home, the midwest, for the 4th of july . i was into it
so off we went then . we spent the first nite in chicago w/
his friend brigg, we went to a gay bar-cade, and various other
clubs and bars of that nature . one of my best friends noboru
lives in chicago so he joined us when we where there . the next
couple days we spent in michigan living the lake life . it was the first
time i felt like i really experienced america, hundreds of people on one lake
riding jetskiis and rafts, cooking meat and eating snacks all day . just real
outdoorsy kinda stuf, everyone is just happy and chill . had an amazing
time having ZERO service w/ t-mobile so i was just taking it all in
like back in the day . final day we went back to chicago and hung around...
simple post . just enjoying being around a family so different than mine :)




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