"and i.... was against you"

jesus look at the floor of this warehouse . i suppose it has its dark and dirty
appeal when you are there . but looking at this now i'm just wondering how
people spill their drinks this much and track this much dirt in here ?!

when i see you sitting in a corner of the dancefloor
w/ your heels off that's when i know it's time to call it
a nite . i have had enough fun as well :)

honey dijon and i stopped by the wig shop on the way back
from the airport . she played her first coachella, i'm so proud
of her ! many great stories from those weekends in the next entry

our photos of eachother

she get's the backseat and this 90's microwave get's the front


i never said my life was amazing, i never claimed to be happy all the time .
i ask myself the same questions that i'm sure we all ask ourselves in
times of confusion . what's the point of it all ? why should i look forward to
tomorrow ? well, there is one answer i seem to always go back to and believe
in . and that is simply, the spontaneity of life . and giving in to the wonder
of what will happen next . there are times when i close my eyes and think
about my memories, in some ways i feel very poor but because of these
great moments i've experienced i also feel very rich . the ones that stand
out the most always follow the same formula, and that is spending a short
amount of time w/ someone new in an unfamiliar place . if you've followed
madthirsty for years know you've seen them all documented .

my birthday just passed last week, i have never blasted it out on social
media or ever thrown a party . i think this says a lot about my personality .
i have always been less excited and more reflective and used it as a
singular date to compare everything that happened the year before . well i'm
realizing now, i don't exactly know what is wonderful anymore .
i want to have new eyes, and i would like to see it all as truly special Xx






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