this is a photo of my new friend kimi at her job, this girl... <3
we met on a friday night around 3am and not sure if either of us
thought much of it . and then we saw each other the next week and
the following and little by little we started to have a good time . she does
things that i have never done before, we go rock climbing, biking,
hip hop shows, underground raves till 5am etc etc. and i realized that
i am smiling a lot w/ this one :) and i think it's just great to have a lot of FUN .
guess what i am trying to say is that i hope this one sticks around for a while

haven't seen these two in a minute <3 they showed up at
3am and they didn't want to pay the 60$ ticket but were randomly
let in for free by the owner because they are cute, SMH . at 5am
we bounced to LA cafe and while we ate fries and i had an iced coffee .
i obviously wasn't thinking about the caffeine i just love the taste so
i paid the price for that one and stayed in bed w/ my eyes open till
dawn begging a higher power to let me sleep . amateur move ;(

all black at a casting at photogenics agency ^^

these are two photos of cuba that i have been saving
for her solo entry on madthirsty . but in the last two months
she's been blossoming into a lil' star so i never see her anymore .
this is from before i left for asia, god she is pretty . luv ya darlin <3

did a shoot w/ paulina for a t-shirt line for the artist ZHU . she was
talking about how she was recently signed so she had to start watching
what she eats for the first time in her life . as she was telling me this
she continued to make multiple sandwiches consisting of two kettle
sea salt and vinegar chips w/ a slice of cheddar cheese in the middle .
i loved how she was contradicting herself i had to take a pic she was a riot :)

zoe wrenn in a bright and cool pink kimono

one of my biggest pet peeves is people who have bad uber
etiquette . i can't stand seeing people getting into a stranger's
vehicle and wiildin' out, yelling, blasting bad music too loud,
putting their feet places they shouldn't go, being insulting etc etc .
you will never catch me doing any of this i think it's such gross
behavior . so i have been uber pool'ing everywhere because it's
5$ flat (oh yeah) and so i meet a lot of strangers . these two ^^ drove
down from arizona to see their team in the NCAA tournament, and
because they lost they were cussing and shaking the drivers seat
and being so rude . blows me away that people still have zero manners

^^ luna when she get's to my house w/ no makeup and
then when she leaves to go to work at midnight ^^







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