MINJI in "you're off timeout"

i'm kinda iffy about making these posts . because from what i have
heard it sounds like people think it's just a new fling then another one,
and i'm not really feeling that image . i recall telling minji how i regret
making the last portrait entry and she told me that she disagrees because
as she went through the post she saw the way i looked at the girl through my
eyes, and how i loved her . i thought that was so wonderful, i asked if i could
create one about her and she said, "jesse, it would be an honor" i was
stunned . i think about who i was 2 years ago, so different . i think about just
last year, wow, even more has changed . so all i can really say is, we are
both in our 20's, we are changing and evolving so fast i don't know who i'll
be tomorrow but i do know that you make me happy, so let's chase that .
simple reply, "yes" . and what has stemmed from that has been the most
easy and healthy relationship of my life . all my past loves have taught me
everything i need to know now . so stress, insecurities, anger, fear, worry,
they all shed off of me like non-designer clothes ;) she smiled at me one
night and said, "the way you look up to sterling is how i feel about you" .
SPEECHLESS !! rarely there are things that remind me that life is worth
living, but you are one of them minji . you're off timeout forever, i love u








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