MINJI in "you're off timeout" part 2

i've gone down this path, the relationship one . i think all the years of being
an asshole have caught up to me, leaving me to be completely clueless on
how to handle anything . things like losing a lover to a guy she's never met
but has thousands of instagram followers (because i guess that's a thing now) .
seeing a rich girl who's never worked a day asking you to take her out to
sugarfish every time she wants lunch . reluctant to tell her it's too expensive
because you feel like you might lose some of your bravado . pretending i love
rae sremmurd so i can hookup w/ a girl i met at the club . not sure if you
can compliment her because you don't want to be mushy, holding back the
"hello" text because you want to be cool and not go first . what does being
cool have to do w/ loving someone ? i play enough call of duty at home to
satisfy my fix for games . denying who you are for someone else is one of the
biggest punishments we all put ourselves through . i'm over it and tired yet
my eyes keep wandering, and what they have landed on is you, minji . the
most important quote i've heard in my entire life is, "you must love in such a
way that the person you love feels free" . you make this a reality .
it's midnight and such a long walk home, but you're here w/ me Xx








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