i like your miu miu glasses you cutie

you need a lot of confidence, personality, and great skin to pull this
look off . this girl has all three ;) also, google "guile street fighter"
and try and tell me she doesn't look like a spot on girl version

fucking love this little cutie on the left ! and i love ashley on
the right too . but vanya, who is also on my modeling agency,
is a perfect example of how europeans have so much better style <3

"fuck it i'm taking off my shirt too" - photographer

remember tanner from my last post at coachella ? well he
wanted to have a day in LA and i was more than happy to
do that . i don't know, there's something about hanging out w/
someone that i barely know and is not apart of my scene that i find
myself doing often . just showing them a big unexpected day or evening
and making them my world for a short period of time is a hobby that
i really enjoy . just seeing a major reaction or example, tanner's photo
on instagram w/ a caption, "what a 24 hours" is something i kinda get
off on . it's hard to explain, i think it's similiar to the way when i spend
every second w/ a girl i meet when i'm traveling and i think she's
the love of my life . but the equivalent, is a guy that i'm very different
from and i'll just bro out for a while and get the same reaction, but
on a platonic level . actually, i just figured it out . it's a story, i live
for a movie moment . all my great memories is what keeps me going Xx

we ended up at lucien smiths studio . to me this was pretty crazy,
because i have known about lucien for about a decade . he and
i share the same birthday and are both half filipino . you would
NEVER know it by interracting w/ him that he is one of the biggest
artists in the world right now . forbes put him in a "30 under 30"
article . i am fanning out 100% right now but i always enjoy sharing
a story on someone who is famous but very deserving and cool
in person . lucien did a ted talk about bad experiences from drugs and
by watching that i think i learned a lot . he's just innately rad, love this guy .








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