Moet & Chandon


this is the behind the scenes experience from the moet & chandon #openthenow
commercial that i always like to give . we all had to do a pool test before the
shoot to see who was gonna do the underwater kiss . we didn't get it ;)

at the fitting i met the stylist, brent nun . i came in fly as fuck w/ HBA pants
and a green ACNE shirt . he looked me up and down and was judging me
shaking his head, that was the first impression he gave me, an asshole . but
now we are day 2 day friends so i'm super siked things turned around

this is AJ . i loved his story, he is just a young 22 year old boy from
south central . he's got a kid and a girl and he's just so brutally honest
and true to himself you can't help but love him . he was in this job because
he was working security for one of the buildings that the scouts looked at
and they ended up asking him to be in the commercial, how great is that ??
i loved his ignorance of my world and his no ego attitude so i decided i wanted
to really help him . so i took some photos of him, edited them, sent them to my
agent, made sure he made his appointment and poof... they signed him .
it made me so happy to finally pay it forward, cause that's what lifes about !!
kinda the way emma discovered me and changed my life i am hoping i can do
the same for AJ :) but guess what !! AJ hasn't said shit to me !!! no thank you
text, phone call, facebook or instagram anything !! you got me fucked up AJ !!
man i potentially made you thousands of dollars and you don't have 2 min for a
thank you call ?? if you anyone sees AJ tell him i need to spank his ass... SMH

my girl heidi, we were in scenes that required us to be next to
each other for hours on end but luckily clicked on being easy going,
liking house music and feeling good ;) she's my favorite <3

it was a 3 day shoot, the first day was all downtown . the second day morning
was the beach but i didn't get to take any pics there . the second evening and
third day were spent at the most massive mansion i have ever been to . felt like
its own amusement park it was just so big . a very expensive uber ride away..

i love heidi, she always does the most in my photos and makes
the craziest faces . i simply asked for a "lunchtime celebration"
photo and she comes up w/ this ^^ gotta love her she's a lil different !

there was a fucking lion on set !! heidi told me alcohol and smoking
commercials have specific and interesting conditions on things they
can and can't show so i guess the lion was one of them and had 2 be cut :/

this is trey at 9am in the morning taking his dog for a walk . he ended
up driving us to the job the third day i was stoked on that he's such a great guy

originally it was supposed to be trey and heidi for the underwater
scene ^^ but i overheard the director say, "you know who kisses girls
better than anyone else ?? ..... JESSE !!" so they took the white suit
off his back and put it on mine and i was ready to rock it out

THE NOW !!!!!

there was a wrap party at some nice house in the hills . heidi and i
made the most AMATEUR move ever by trying to be cool when AJ
passed his joint to us by smoking a lot of it . so three minutes later
her and i turned into 13 year old stoner kids that giggled constantly
and could not socialize w/ anyone so we sat on the lawn for 2 hours and
talked about the trees looking funny and how many stars are in the sky...
we literally did not hang out w/ anyone i felt so wack but i just couldn't

that's a wrap !! what a great experience, modeling, as temporary as it
is, is so special because of the friends and moments you have on almost
EVERY job . but this one was very special . in conclusion i want to say thank
you to Moet & Chandon for having me and to all the other actors for feeling
free in front of my lens and letting me be me capturing all the memories .
i hope you all enjoyed this :) oh and AJ... you are in the doghouse !!!!


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