i walked in the room and there was just two guys, one i kinda recognized and one w/ his back turned to me
in a black jacket . i said "hi" and the jacket guy turned around, it was torian and slowly a smile came onto his face
and mine . he started to say how much i 'made his fucking day' and i knew already this was gonna be such a tight job .

steve in the last monster children issue, he's so cool ^

harold hunter photo in the bathroom ^^

we did a print editorial but more excitingly a short film shot w/ an
arri alexa camera . i've heard so many things about the cam and although this
and the red camera do different things seems like more people prefer these

we even had a sound guy ! ^^

mike piscitelli directed it and shot it . guy has as much knowledge w/
a SLR as he does w/ the alexa, i really hope to be like that one day .

oh just a beautiful self-portrait shot by brianna ^^

mark vassallo styled it . such a cool guy, we ended
up hanging out at venice beach after we wrapped .

dakota was discovered on the street by hedi slimane's scout or something .
couple months later hedi showed up at his house and shot him . then he was
in vogue homme international months later after that . he's gonna kill it so hard

torry and i skated during lunch

dakota and his ridiculous fake id ^^

brianna's music is areally good . she sang during the film and really blew me away


alex was like the golden child . totally pure and sweet, when torian would say fuckin she would say friggin . ^^
he was showing her how to be a G like he is and when she replicated him i just died . i fell in love w/ her in a totally platonic way .

there was no room in the truck so the three of us had to ride in the bed, so fun






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