the producer ^^

get off instagram !! ^^

all these kids were gathering around thinking we were filming a tv show .
this kid named jack was so chill, i had to get a photo of alex and him, so cute

"hey dude light my hand on fire then instagram it" .... idiots ^^

now for the sequence of the movie couples .
alex and i <3 <3 <3 aawwww

torry and breanna ^

and dakota and zippy ^

the following three joined us the second nite to film the party scene
walter ^^

leore, eyebrows are outta this world ^^

i actually forgot her name but she got to bring her bf ^^

when we wrapped it was just a fucking free for all on the snacks and drinks

torian got so buck and filled up his whole backpack .
my favorite thing is that alex has hot cheeto fingers ;) ^^

honestly this was one of the tightest jobs ever . we all bro'd out
so hard and i can honestly say i really like everyone . no one was
pretentious or wack, we're all so different but we meshed so hard .
total friends, miss you guys already :)

thank you so much mike piscitelli, mark vassallo, and monster children .





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