this photo i took from the pier downtown looks
exactly like my favorite veji clemins drawing

i went up to these people friday nite and the burnette asked "do you model ?"
yeah right . i said no then we talked about what spots they should go out
to in san diego, told me they were stylists from l.a. here working for the weekend .
found out that her and my aunt worked together on the new melrose place, uhhhh.... weird .
after she asked if i would join and i thought ynot ? we went back to their room at the hardrock
which my work is apart of so i had no need to go home so i just stayed for three days .

we went to richi's sunday nite which is by far the gayest place i have been too . they love gaga .
they are so sexually aggressive ! i was in awe when i saw the same guy as last time i went to a gay bar
STILL on the pole and killing it . i think this photo is fogged by pure sweat in the air . i couldn't breathe !

- she won't tell me how old she is
- she's on my freakquency



use/lie to me !