Xo Xo Xo

i was in san francisco for three days working for Mr Porter . i brought up how
the best bakery in SF was this place called tartine, hoping that the sizzle i just out
would get the client excited to get it . it worked, we had it two days in a row it was
fantastic . on the last day we went to a restaurant that had the best fried chicken in
america . totally lucked out w/ the food situation . i had a very nice time of course ;)

i normally stay in before work because the calltimes are so early . well i was
here for 3 nites which seemed too many to just go to bed watching TV . so the
second nite i found a Dj that i liked and i went out alone and saw him . there's
something about going to a new place by myself and wandering around
and looking through the crowd until i find an interaction i want .

anyways i met a very nice girl named alana at that club . the next night she
took me to this interesting social club . it was kinda like a soho house in SF
but more eccentric . people were dancing and dressed pretty different . it
was definitely a great way to spend my last evening there . i'm telling you,
something about meeting a stranger outside where you live and spending one
on one time w/ them is just everything to me . it gives me my favorite memories,
but it's only accomplished when you try to go out of your comfort zone i think Xx

this girl had the whole complete ass part of her pants
rip wide open while she was dancing, gotta love that :P

rayne looking absolutely alluring on set here <3




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