did a commercial for myspace, it was just basically myself and people partying behind
iggy azalea, schoolboy q, and mac miller . directed by ryan mcginley . sooo much fun

i went up to this guy and asked if he was the white guy on all the odd future t-shirts and albums
and he's like, "yeah" . i asked him why and he said "cause i look weird".... i thought he was cool i liked him

the girls ^^

the guys ^^

on instagram ALL day ^^^^

i could not belive scHoolboy Q was in the commercial . he is my favorite rapper out right now,
just need a pic w/ action bronson and i'm so set ! look at him just chillin outside w/ all of us, he is
so fucking rad . i walked to my car and realized i left my keys back at the studio i walked all the way
back and everybody had left and scHoolboy was literally sitting in that chair behind him . no one was
around and he was in wide open, no phone no nothing, just chillin . prolly doesn't sound awesome but it rlly is

the director and legend again... ryan mcginley . it's still so unreal that i get to work w/ him :)






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