some friday night ago . sulem and i meet at bootsy bellows (above)
then decide to go somewhere more turnt . we leave and have a great time
w/ our uber driver going from the westide of LA to the east . we alternate
who picks the song in the car between the three of us . great energy :)

the place that we arrived to was a complete waste of time . we each
paid 20$ and inside was a ghost town . that's the problem w/ all these
popup things on the eastside, you never know if it's gonna be good
or bad, it's 50/50 . w/ bootsy and other spots i used to go to more often
on the westside people are always there and it's pretty consistent . so we
take off and get our wristbands for another spot, this uber driver said
fuck it and got one too ^^ he just turned his app off and came in lol

beautiful kimi, sulem and i went back to my place at dawn <3

my friend had an extra ticket to machine gun kelly and invited me so
i thought why not although i don't know any of his songs . god this
guy fucking sucks... his songs are like limp bizkit and his
fans look like they all live in the valley or riverside . anyways i guess
he is dating amber rose now and she was there on the balcony like us .
so he climbs up here all epic like during a song to get a kiss or whatever
but she dipped for like 3 songs so he went to her area and she was
gone . very awkward moment for him :/ i don't blame her 4 leaving

^^ he didn't care... he just didn't care . love it

my camera is breaking and the blades of the lens don't open all
the way sometimes for a photo so it looks like this . kinda cool tho ^^

again.. i stay out till dawn and the first thing i see after feeling
gross from going out too late is seeing a homeless man pinching his
nipple as he masturbates on his knees passionately w/ his eyes
closed... man i'm done w/ this shit . only downtown LA i swear

next day rob and i go to malibu for the 4th of july . the guy on the left
david said to me, 'jesse come here... " yeah ? "listen i like your
rolled up jeans look but you either need to not wear any socks or
wear the no-show socks, but this ankle sock showing thing you got
going on has got to go" . and when i left the party he said goodbye and
told me to remember what he said, he was right tho i look like shit lol

just a boys night having a good time on a saturday <3

sulem showed up and then it was like throwing a piece of
filet mignon at a bunch of rabid rottweilers . we all wanted to
dance w/ her she's amazing, love all my boys they are rad

if you ain't sweaty and have a gold chain i don't wanna talk !








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