went to vegas for a day w/ remi and my nigeria friends .
it's so awesome to see them again, can't believe it's been
half a year already . my fav memories (besides being w/ them)
is trying to stay up to keep remi company while he drove us to there
at 2am, we ended up getting there at daylight . also the drive home
where he was desperately looking for an open taco bell for their AM crunch
wrap, and talking about the dragon ball z saga and the timeline of
every evil enemy and how they were defeated . both memories taking
place OUTSIDE vegas . not hating on that city at all it's just totally not me :)

shot for alternative apparel w/ tara on makeup and andrew on photo .
fun day i love the vibe there, so earthy.. they get to eat lunch
everyday basking in that beautiful natural sunlight that's so cool

kento (pictured far right) is visiting from NY . he's my only
boo from NY and i try to see him as much as i can when he's here .
so crazy to think we met three years ago... he was an assistant for
brian lichtenberg and was talking about moving to NY and maybe
being an intern for a modeling agency . next thing i know he's the right hand
man of jed root and he's traveling and has all these responsibilities and stuff,
that's what happens when you take a chance ;) i respect you boy do your thing <3
anywho his friend was all fan boy on raf simmons (pictured next to me)
and i said, "dude i will break the ice for you but you have to promise to come to
raging waters w/ me" he said yes but we never did . i went up to raf and he said
he would take a pic if i walked in his show in january in paris . we shook on it
but one thing i've learned in LA is that most things are too good to be true
but we shall see :) photo by ^^

damn the last place i'd thought i'd see raiden was at the gay club ! ^^

this girl... met her this night and we started talking, she seemed
interesting enough . she said she was gonna go to the bathroom
and winked at me, i think that was a sign so i took a chance and
just followed her into the girls bathroom and shoved her into the stall .
i was trying to create that spontaneous "NY bathroom makeout" moment ^^
because it's like, you can't do that in LA anymore . every club bathroom has a
huge line and a doorguy so you can't go into the opposite restroom you
just can't . but here we are in the moment ya know.. god i chose the wrong
one . we ended up walking to my place where she began to go on and on
about how she's here shooting charlie xcx album cover, how she's shot
daniel radcliffe and "every volcom campaign" ?? it's like, i used to be in love
w/ one of the most beautiful girls in the world (to me) and we used to make
love two to three times a day and she used to close her eyes and stick out
her tongue, in those moments she made me feel like i was better than god .
now look where i'm at... listening to this lameass prove her self-worth to me
by associating people w/ fame to herself . god how does this shit go on ?
i know we live in LA and there is this stereotype but must we be consumed
by it ?? must we perpetuate it ?? she asked me how much my rent was which
i personally think is a rude question but i knew no matter what i said she was
just gonna top it so i thew out a ridiculous number, "i pay 2,100 $ for my
loft" . of COURSE she replied, "that's it ?!? i pay 1,900 pounds which is like 3,000 $
for my flat in london" i just sighed inside and asked, "are you a little tired ?"
she replied yes and i said, "great me too, gonna get you an uber now"








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