taylor broke my helicopter so he went home and ordered me a new one . sweetheart

dee and taylor, my 'blood is the new black' campaign beauties . here are their videos



i swear i landed it ^^

happy birthday mom

dee's 'meatloaf cupcakes'

dad loved them ^^

magda . i remember seeing her years ago on
now i'm at her pad where it was filmed, coooool

and they called it PUPPY LUV ^^

charlie and i rolled to the guess party . was suprised hearing that
DJ TIESTO was playing a private party that i was invited to so i was down .
charlie told me to meet him at a bus stop in skid row, fuck that .

we only got to go because we modeled for them . here's some pics i did for 'g by guess'

what do you even know about my ROLLED UP DOCKERS

my girl

after this photo of francis, (my old agent, fully backing him, he's rad) my camera died .
have some pics from my cell phone, best party i've been too, so fun .







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