he'll never love you like i can,
like i did, like i will . hell no

my little baby cuba . one day we met at il cafe just to catch up
because it has been a while . i ask what she has been up to
and we mostly just talked about her BF so i assumed nothing much
really . fast forward one month and she's on the cover of Vogue Russia .
really cuba ? did that SMALL little detail escape you ?? so proud babe <3

SO FUCKING SICK !!! ^^ oh and you know the only time i was
in Vogue (L'uomo Vogue) was because of her ? my agents couldn't
do it but a teenage girl pulled it 4 me out of thin air . gotta luv it

this is at pacsun . when i used to work for this client two years
ago these guys weren't there . but one day it was just the three of us
in the studio and we became boys . it's crazy now that "social media"
is a part of a model's day . it's part of the usage that you get booked
on/paid for . so the last hour of the day we walk around trying to get a
good shot for instagram . weird how that is now, technology moves so fast

can you believe that this is in the outdoor area ? it's like a
little baby skatepark . this wasn't here two years ago so after
i saw it the first day i now bring my board to work . as you can
see i broke it skating this day... doing a fliptrick on flatground :/

gavin and i just hanging out and talking one nite . this is
what i love about downtown, the people and the energy . it
still has a glimpse of spontaneity like NY does . here gav and
are walking to the ace hotel and we run into these three who are
going to mustache . next thing you know we are all at ace and
gavin is now wearing nipple clamps on the balcony . gotta luv it :)

the next morning i return to ace hotel for an ASOS job . look how
dramatic the breakfast looks in this lighting ? they order room
service for the other model and i but he wasn't hungry . so i'm
sitting there eating almost all of it and another model comes into the room .
i didn't think there was another guy because it had already been 45
min past the calltime but i guess he was just late . he tells me that he's
hungry and i'm sitting there really embarassed and slightly ashamed at the
fact that almost all of it is gone . lesson here = not my problem, don't be late :P

we shot the whole day around the santa monica pier . here jeron
has fallen asleep in the tourists photobooth . pretty amazing

this guy was the shit, his name is johnnie sapong . right when
i met him i knew he was very interesting, from his london accent,
to his obvious beanie and his metal teeth . we started talking about
photography and he has had a long career and worked w/ all the
people that i look up to . so i mostly stuck around him all day listening
to his stories about them, which is cool for me because in LA you don't
really work w/ people who work w/ high fashion caliber of people .
below was the photographer's assistant, some young kid from new york .
he was a skater and i loved his perfectly faded "paradise garage" cap

went to my first boiler room party . they always have the best DJ
mixes that you can listen to on soundcloud or watch on youtube since
they film the whole party . but when i got there i was bummed because
it was a hip hop DJ . and it cemented the fact that i have zero interest
in rap and hip hop now . i mean there is an occasional kanye/drake/travis
scott song that i will love but i think about what the artists stand for and
promote, i think about the people that listen to it, how they dance and dress,
and none of that interest me at all . it's not glamarous or creative, not that
everything has to be chic but i guess i just prefer to be that way now .

so the crew and i are at some party in echo park and my sister
texts me that she had a bad date and wants to go dancing . i never
go out w/ my sister so i was excited to flip her nite around . i leave
my boy and meet up w/ some other friends at Minimal Effort w/
my sis in tow . was cool for her to go out and see what my world is like

it's late as hell but brandon and i return to sterling's to grab
him and go to another after party . now he is no longer an 80's
workout guy but an indian and has a girl w/ him... classic sterling .
i let him be and brandon, gavin, his dog and i leave 2 chase the nite

many weeks later (everything is out of order) this entry ends here
on an epic nite at G's w/ james, gavin, and libby . next entry on
madthirsty is libby's "portrait of my girl" post . i'm strangely excited
yet disappointed to tell you the story . i capture our relatonship unfold
and in turn, i unfold as well . "life is a series of compromises"
boy isn't that the truth . Bye Felicia.... <3 <3 <3 (for now)







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