all the homies at the chambers party

shot w/ kevin, after we had ramen n mochi

will at rhonda

this girl... ^^

12 am at santa monica just three flowers and a towel . odd.... ^^

this was so awesome . just a guy riding his horse downtown LA around 1 am .
i took a picture and then just walked off n thought, 'wait that was cool i wanna hang out
w/ that horse !' everybody giggling and nervous feeding it apples, i felt like i was in a
terrence malick movie . the whole nature is powerful in all ways theme . because it's like,
these people are either homeless (1 block from skid row) or they are here for drugs (liquor store is a drug haven)
they just kind've forget to vibe you or be all hood and just giggle and and just revert to little kids
when playing w/ this majestic ass horse . it was just a beautiful moment is all...







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