back in the vegas groove

woke up on my day off and emma called and said come back 2 vegas .
i said no i have work tommorow . she gave me the guilt trip and told me to live a little
and that it was worth it . i hung up thinking are you kidding me ? called her back 30 minutes
later and said i was coming, im glad i did . these photos are just from a day last week

my gift for christmas was this dinner w/ emma, it was the best i've ever had .
also learned food looks horrible in black and white

we sat next to him at the bar and he asked what 'funny beer i was drinking' (stella)
then we watched him win 400 in video blackjack ?! then he won an additional 500 in roulette,
i don't even remember this really but i think he took us in a limo to the wynn where he lost every penny . vegas...

i hit 27, the same number i hit last time...




going thru an orbital phase

this 1 too . the last four minutes