i am the alpha dog of the crew

since when do homeless have exotic pets ? i want a praying mantis...

back in the venice groove

just when i thought i had a tan....

i thought this piece was amazing, asked the lady if i could take a pic
and she said no cause it was 'on loan, and they don't own it, but you can
look it up on google and print it out'.... fuck that . now she's on to me tho . anyways not
that exciting but i stood there for 20 minutes drawing up plans to get it, they are such
lurks they just stand there for hours on end watching you . i gave olivia the case
4 the camera and told her to put the camera in the bag, that way they think i don't have it .
then told her to walk to the other side out of view of the watcher so she would leave, and she did .
got the pic . pointless mission successful . my friend johnny mack told me that
art is always visually better and interesting if it's fucking huge, i back that statement .