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killing moon

this is annabel's (BLUEBELL'S) music video for normal heights . it's all footage of a computer
screen w/ images&video solely from this website . she asked me to write some things about this so i will,
the title is from when i took her to lestats, a coffee shop in normal heights . she was so fascinated by the sign that said 'normal heights'
and i think in retrospect that perfectly defines her personality, not normal . i h8 to say it but i have been w/ quite a few girls
and at the end of the day many just blend together, w/ the way they dress, the music they listen to, the things they talk about and the way they look at life .
annabel is one that will stick out for all time . we met on a train station when i was 17 and have been talking
ever since . on the phone when i first called her i think i tried to name drop that i ate dinner w/ the hiltons in cabo san lucas, then she told me her dad is the
singer of the monkees, wow, next day she even caught me lying about my age . i can say so many things, there were so many memories, her voice&accent,
to the first time we kissed to the time we first made love, all the photos i've taken of her, even though she lived in europe, ever year we would go to the fair together, her love of life...
she is destined for a bright epic and has shown me things no one else ever could have . she brings light in


the most beautiful & the most popular photo (on flickr, w/ almost 7,000 views and 250 favorites)
i've taken of us completely sums up the feeling of what we shared

one day in los angeles we were in a clothing boutique the size of an apartment living room, we stopped
and she said that the moment felt like a dream, we kissed for what seemed like hours right there . minutes after
we sat down at this bench and held hands w/ our matching bracelets on and danced around the idea of living together
and creating 'beautiful art together' / it's momeries like this that will forever stay emblazoned on my mind




these songs are for you love