NYE 2015

this was our beginning crew for the nite . we walked from sterling's
to a little pre party down the street . we left that shit after an hour
to go to a fun house party in venice . frankie said fuck this and
took her shoes off . it's like my man omi says, "beauty is painful" :)

i like this guy . i remember one nite at warwick i went up to him and
said, "dude i love Dsquared2 and you were the campaign model
that is so awesome may i take a photo of you ?" he said he didn't like
photos, you could tell he was really shy, well at least to me he was .
i like that in a world where vanity rules ya know ? so i told him ok but that he
must let me snap one next time . this was next time and he was down ;)

gavin's shirt will ALWAYS come off, it's inevitable

at 3am we all decide to get into some warm comfy clothes,
go to the beach and watch the sunrise . what an amazing idea
that was . minji texted me and asked what i was doing . she
was w/ some of her friends at a party in west hollywood . i told
her to drop everything and come meet me, 30 minutes later and
there she was in the freezing cold in a silver slip dress <3 gotta love it

i don't feel like being mushy and typing a novel tonite so
i will just keep it short . minji told me that nite for her was
"surreal" . she couldn't have described it more perfectly, that's it
<3 <3 <3 <3








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