"i told myself i wasn't going
to ask where you're going next"

dee and i had a fun evening for the both of us . we started at an 80's
themed prom Rodarte party . then her and i met some of my friends
where she got her first taste of a warehouse party . she wasn't into it ;)

valentina asked me what i was doing for christmas eve and i told
her i had no plans . she insisted i spend hanukkah w/ her family <3

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these photos are from our NYE . valentina had her friend come over
to do her makeup because she has no skills of her own to do it . you
gotta love that in this day and age, just a natural beauty . we killed
some time at a diner, then headed to friend bar . spent some time there,
met a great new friend benji . then we went to tenants of the trees down
the block, then back to friend . benji, valentina and i decided to all go
to a house party nearby . met another great new friend sam . soon after
him, valentina, and i left to go to another party in the hills . couldn't get in so we
jumped the gate . it shut down 15 min later so we drop sam off home . taylor calls
to guilt me how i didn't see him this NYE so i said "fuck that, we're all going to
a ranch in malibu to sit by a fireplace and eat a nice breakfast in the morning" .
he says yes, now it's all of us driving to malibu . what i didn't take into
consideration is that the ranch is an hour and a half away . and it's almost
4am.... so 30 minutes in everyone is sleeping . what a buzzkill . but also an
unforgettable nite, one for the books . made a little video, check it out ^^

what a nite and ending to a year . the most turbulent year of my life,
but more importantly, the best year of my life . i had the deepest lows
and the most amazing highs that one could take in such a short amount
of time . things flipped in an instant, people i were obsessed w/ and spent
every day w/ were gone, from friends to girlfriends and everything in between .
people consuming my life then us departing is like my talisman i can't get rid
of . where i was in each third of the year i would have never imagined . they
were spent endlessly w/ people who weren't even in my thoughts months before,
doing things i could never have thought i was doing . i'm wondering what will
happen next, but i'm easing on the expectations . the reason life is worth living to
me is because of the spontaneity of it all . what's around the bend puts a smile
on my face, and it's what keeps me going . so for now, i will accept the mystery Xx







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