new years eve day will and i went to santa monica and enjoyed some
beach before we went out to "Hooray Henry's" for the nights party

the crew was porsche, michelle(?), will, and i . we all hated it so
bad when we got there because we were packed like sardines and there was
no dancefloor but after about 30 min i knew i didn't want to leave for any reason .
the uber had a 96$ surcharge so there was no way i was gonna go thru that again

i ran into my girl andrea . i was so siked to see her and the
first thing she said to me was, "yes ! now i have a new years kiss"
ideally i thought the same thing so i was really relieved :P

YEP ;) ;) ;)

^^ even the cops were in the club trying to get some

the next day will, vlad, and i did our new years day tradition, (we only did i last year)
which was walk a couple of hours on the beach in malibu to soak it alllll in








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