olivia and i drove to l.a. to shop at a store that's only wholesale...ttiiiiiight
so we just hung around and shot photos

the following four pics are like a funny/cute sequence of olivia trying red ginger

right before we left we stopped by starbucks, she said she had to be back by 6:30 for dinner,
but my car got towed, crazy thinking it's getting towed probably during this photo

but i shredded, completely oblivious


my phone and her purse were in the car, this is where it should've been

i think she took this emo pic while i was gone for two hours

225$ towing + 75$ ticket =KILLMENOW/byebyeapartment
but no really, all these driving bills are really ruining my life, i don't pay them so i get
more that are extremely pricey too, i would pay them if they weren't so fucking ridiculous,
sometimes IH8 america. but still we were both smiling, and it was around 7 p.m. sorry olivia














life is a pigsty.........