shot for PACSUN again at milk studios . exactly the same crew except for
hair/makeup and the stylist, this time the models were just a pretty girl and i

near the end there was one shot left, i didn't see the photographer so i assumed
he was in the bathroom . after 30 min passed i was like, "where the fuck is this dude ?"
i leave the studio and find greg and him having a ping-pong showdown . i thought, "these motherfuckers..."
but at the same time that's what makes them so tight . they are just wildin, i dig the PacSun crew

us having our "dem franchize boys - in my white tee" moment.... ^^

this is my first photo i took my w/ new camera, all the black and white
shots in the last two posts / every shot in this one / from now on are from
my new camera . you can tell the quality difference from the last 30 or so posts, i
think i have had every important 35mm point and shoot and i can honestly say
that my new one is the best . regretting not having it for last 5 years....









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