this are my photos i took from the three day pac sun spring campaign that i'm splitting
into two posts (this is all day one, post 2 is other 2 days) . torian was kind enough to give me
a ride to the shoot on day 1 . even tho he knows there is a full catered breakfast waiting for him that does not
stop him from eating a ham and cheese bagel every day before calltime . why he does this i do not know

nick saw zach and andy doing bmx, torian and i skating, i think he
wanted to get on our level so he was trying to show off his cone tricks ??

mind you these photos on here are barely retouched . i have no idea
how to use photoshop, the only reason i even have it is because i can draw
arrows or write stuff on photos w/ the paintbrush tool . i edit photos in iphoto
(yes i know super embarrassing and amateur) but i don't care cause i like it raw
anyhow ;) the reason i confessed that all is because i just wanted to make a comment
about how flawless amanda comes out in a picture... completely unretouched . wow

pacsun hooked it up, they hooked it up.... we got to shoot
AT and IN the hollywood sign . the reason you don't see people
actually AT the sign is because it cost a buttload of $$ for a permit . so i
naturally figured i would never touch it or be close, and now that's basically
something we can all check off our list, i was siked . what a cool experience

torian, zach, and i were hanging off it, climbing in it, jumping
off it . just fucking around, being dudes, what a blast .

at the end we were all throwing rocks at a tin can down the hill .
it was just zach and torian, then i joined, then andy and harrison,
even mia got in on it . perfect ending to one of the most fun days ever

continued in part two



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