we shot the pac sun spring transitional campaign at milk studios .
same old crew, torian and i and two hot girls . to my understanding this is
the campaign that follows holiday but is only up for a minute before spring .

^^ this is cailin... yep . she looks like she's constantly
retouched 24/7 in real life, really really beautiful and nice girl

this is greg the creative director of pac sun . we have a love/hate
relationship, i love him, and he hates me, he rlly rlly hates me :P

torian giving me a clean up shave while i take a blurry photo ^^

ummmm.... no comment

andy j scott always banished to some dark corner to edit thousands of photos

and i leave you w/ this photo, this is me trying to look hot but nick catching me right when i blink .
this and another shot they would all take pictures of w/ their phones and laugh their ass off and
make sure everyone see's . i am now terrified of the photoshoots, yep... great supportive crew here . YEP !
:P :P :P





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