continued from part one this is the second day,
which we shot around malibu and the beaches near there

i've never done a three day job or any day job for that matter where all the days arent in a row .
we shot day one and two in succession but day three was like a week and a half after . it was
in palm springs so a lot of us met a nick's house around 5pm to be shuttled there .

right when we got there we checked into our hotel rooms for 20 min
then all met in the lobby and walked together to a group dinner, so fun .

we secretly told the waitress that it was torian's birthday although it wasn't, so she came out
w/ a candle and ice cream, but he didn't order any dessert so she stuck the candle in daven's and i
shared ice cream bowl . we were laughing so hard when she took it away and gave it to us

^^ this is what you do when you have your own hotel room, you got no friends, no chick, it's 11pm
and u know u gotta be up at 5am . so u naturally flip off your bathroom selfie and go to bed .
(also plz note how rad that stand i made for the camera is, an upside down mini trash can, tissue box, and coffee maker)

cailin showed up in the morning because the night before she was starring
in the new justin bieber music video (video below) . she's gonna be so huge


this is me enjoying riding an atv . later i was trying to impress zach (pacsun badass and legend)
by doing the biggest jump i can find . naturally, never ridin an atv before, i knew there was no way
i was going to land it . but fuck it, i do it for the footage, i mean, i'm doing PACSUN, it's action sports
retail . you want ACTION SPORTS ?!? well you're looking at it BITCH, jesse MOTHERFUCKING SOMERA .
because i wanna jump off shit, get my hands dirty and skin my knees . i'm a man, but also very much still a little boy .
enjoy this instagram clip below of me being the biggest most awesome dumbass/extreme boy ever :) :) :)


i did the splits over the handle bars, nutted it, did a front flip over it
and all i got was two minor cuts on my ankle ? if there is a god, he looked
down upon me, smiled, and let me get off easy breezy . but in all seriousness,
greg if you are reading this, i am very srry for being irresponsible and reckless .

and that's a fucking wrap to the pacsun spring campaign !
thank you all for a great experience and 4 the memories :)




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