me and two other goofballs shot for PacSun holiday at milk studios . nicholas maggio photographed it
/ sterling foxcroft did video / milka prica styled it / greg crawford was the creative director, it was a blast .

we basically just played table tennis the whole time, literally tho .
the table was in the lobby but somebody was ballsy enough to drag it into our studio .
when one of us was shooting the other two of us would be playing,
even the photo editor and the creative director were ditching their jobs to
play . the stylists hated us three so bad because we were so sweaty
getting into each outfit from playing, hahah wow that was fun

after we all met for dinner, this was actually
a really fun and great crew, love days like this

this is my neighbor walter, he lives two doors down from me and we've developed
a cool relationship . basically we watch vampire movies together and he also has burned
every episode of "OZ" on disc for me which has in turned controlled my life . and whenever
i'm ballin or he is we just randomly knock on eachother's door and say, "let's eat, my treat" or somethin .
these are some photos from dinners, but we have both agreed that "the counter" is pretty much the best

went to my hometown ventura for a night to go to the fair w/ friends . it's so depressing not only was
everyone 14/15 years old and we felt like creeps but i spent around 40$ on games and didn't win shit

this is corina . we met years ago i must have been 19 years old . i went to see this terrible movie
called "drag me to hell" . she was the girl who rips your ticket and tells you the theatre, after the tear
she said, "nice shirt" and smiled, i was wearing my favorite smiths t-shirt . so i wrote my name and number
on the back of the ticket and on the way out i gave it to her . weeks went by and she never hit me up
but i didn't care because i was moving soon anyways . my last night in ventura she texted me asking if
i wanna hang out, keep in mind this is the first time i'm moving out of ventura county, to a whole new chapter in
my life, why would anyone spend their last nite w/ a random girl ?! well then there's me.... jesse "thirsty ass" somera .
i was crushing on her because she had this goth look (i'm so into that idk why) so i was like, "yeah i'm free just chillin" haha .
we ended up hanging out to 5 or 6 am, totally fell in love first nite and were kinda together for a couple months after too .
anyway that's my corina story, this is my first time seeing her in years, still so hot :P :P :P








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