we shot for two days, first day location was a really pretty house in westwood .
we did print and a video, they shot it w/ the arri alexa (below), best camera out . so awesome

she won an auction and the prize was to be on a paige denim shoot ^^

it was 3 girls and two guys . nick was the other guy . i find it so fucking
strange/awesome that on another campaign i did nick and i were the two male models
as well . you have to realize these companies are specifically requesting at least 60-100 guys and
two times they see everyone and choose nick and I as their selects . it's so cool that we got it like that .
and we're homies so already the vibe was there, i saw him at the fitting and started wildin out :)

nick and i w/ paige herself ! i've never done a job where the owner of the company is just hanging out the whole
time w/ everyone . she told me she booked me because i look like a young benicio del torro, god i love her

this is why everyone loves nick, he is honestly the most charming and funny
guy i've ever met . kinda dislike him for being way to awesome ;) when he got out of the
pool he put a robe on and a towel on his head and made everyone laugh after a tiresome 12 hour day

this guy saved my life ! when i showed up on set he was like, "dude we live in the same building ya know" i was like oh
yeah and he ended up giving me a ride home both days . i don't know why i'm always getting rides to work especially
the fact that i drive . but i like the gamble, sometimes it works out like this and sometimes it don't ! thx nick :)






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