the beautiful Lera (above) and Milan (below)

ok i'm gonna take a minute and talk about the photo above ^^ first of all,
i adore both of these girls, i have worked w/ both on seperate denim campaigns . but
look at this PHOTO i shot of the girl on the right two years ago on a levi's job , that's when
she was fourteen . now obviously because you can do basic math u realize that's
she's now SIXTEEN . you can see the difference in the photos, there she looked
like a normal 14 year old girl, now here she is w/ a crazy outfit/expression and an
alchoholic beverage in her hand n shit . this modeling world just blows my mind
because it forces these girls to grow up so fast . when i was 16 i couldn't stand alchohol,
i had my first job working at "Joanne's Fabrics" making 50 cents over minimum wage .
i came home w/ a two week check for 800$ and felt ballin-outta-control, i'm sure she can
make that in 4 hours . i'm in no way talking shit or putting her on blast i just think about my
childhood, the average suburban boy just skating around w/ long hair on myspace doing whatever .
if i found modeling that young everything would have been different, but would i still be like me ? idk .
would i be empty, drained, and depressed ? more savvy, well experienced and mature ? idk . im curious tho...

ran into elsa (runway dreamz lookbook last post) at bootsy bellows . i
wanted to take a photo of her and her VERY drunk friend . how do i know she
was very drunk ? because she offered to take a photo of elsa and i, and i
reluctantly agreed,the following four photos are her taking "one photo" of us...

nope, we weren't ready

weren't ready and out of focus

oh great a picture of all of our
shoes, i needed that ! :P

then when she does get it right i look like a wide eyed
seriel killer, but at least she got the photo, finally !

this is from quest's birthday party at the abbey . i love that
this guy's ass steals the spotlight in both photos ^^ :P







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