"if the 'fan guy' is here, then we
are definitely at the right place"

this is leon, leon always has this big fan wherever he is . he flips it in and
flips it out every 10 seconds . it sounds like, "WHAP" ! so loud it startles you .
if leon is at the place i'm at, then i know i'm at the BEST place that nite .
if he isn't, i know that i made the wrong choice and there is a better vibe
or DJ elsewhere . look at him go, i always wonder what all these characters
do during the day . when i used to go out on the westside more, to the
"models & bottles" clubs as i call them; everyone is the same as they would
be during the day . but these people, there is no way . their looks are far
too extravagant, and they are having way too much fun . this is a space that
really provides an environment for these people to be the creative and interesting
people that they want to be . do u think he ever takes out the iphone and
snapchats himself ? FUCK no . why would he ? he is in the moment .
i mean see the sweat ? just look at him go :) you know, i will never
get to experience studio 54, i will never go to paradise garage . and shit,
i don't even live in brooklyn to see what's happening there . but i am here
in LA and tonite while i am taking these photos i find myself at the most
exciting place in all of los angeles . and as they live for it, so do i <3

if you have ever seen a photo on instagram of a blogger or anybody in
front of a bright pink wall it is probably at the paul smith store in west hollywood .
i call it, "the blogger wall" . well anyways this guy went ahead and made
that his costume for halloween . what a funny & fantastic idea

this guy above is beyond amazing . he told me his name is "charlie traplin" .
then he said he was a mixture between 21 savage and prince . he is obviously
older but knew all the current hip hop dance moves and faces . i feel like he is
someone i should know but i have no clue . love him tho







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