these are photos from when i first met luna . i was saving them
for her solo post but never got around to finishing it . she always
buys me food and coffee w/ one dollar bills ^^ one time the delivery
bill was 37 dollars so she gave me 39 to pay the guy downstairs

i took her out for japanese food one nite . she couldn't use
chopsticks but that's understandable . but i'm not lying when
i say this... she thought the wasabi was guacamole and
the ginger was cheese, not lying :P i guess that's what i like
about her tho, i don't know what's going on inside her head

olivia and i have known eachother since sophomore year in highschool
and now she lives in silver lake which is close to me . thursday we
went out to a party, i saw some friends but it wasn't fun . dancefloor
was clear and people were just wearing leather jackets standin around

assisted tom while he shot a gorgeous model at paul
jasmine's house . that was a big reason i wanted to help
that day was just to be around a legend ;) srry tom

this was brilliant . massimo and i were cruising around
saturday nite and we stop to check out a party but the WHOLE
street is red curbed, so what do you do ? you pop the hood so
it looks like your car is broken down, cops would be cruel to tow
you when you are down on your luck . might do this trick sometime ;)




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