did a job for this cool new sunglass company called peppertint . tigran
did photo and louis did video, it was so easy because i've worked w/ them
both on seperate occasions so the vibe was already there which was nice . tigran
shot the whole campaign on two contax G2's like he was juergen teller, i loved it

^^ i also worked w/ fo on a junkfood job that you can see a couple
of posts ago and we really got along . she recommended me to this
client and they liked me which was truly awesome, thank u girl :)

if you're in the modeling or commercial industry there's this weird
thing where you start to notice everyone . i look at ads or commercials now
like, "who's that ?" or "good for her/him getting this job" etc etc . but way before
i got into modeling when i was still living at home i would see this guy's face
EVERYWHERE i would shop . alternative apparel / revolve / tilly's (never shopped
there tho) so when we got this job together i told him that and he replied, "hey i
think i've seen you too !" he was prolly bullshitting but regardless we became bros ;)

they rented an all blue exterior & interior 1963 mustang
convertible for the shoot . normally for the driving role
you will have the good looking classic american guy (blake ^^)
drive it but somehow he allowed me too . so the whole day we
were driving it up and down venice and santa monica wildin out
like a bunch of happy douchebags it was a great feeling

the fourth model was logan ^^ she came to this shoot straight
from the airport . she is blake's girlfriend, watching a REAL couple
be a couple in front of the camera instead of pretending like me and
fo or any other shoot makes you realize you can't make chemistry up
like that . maybe good actor/models can but i sure can't !

you can actually see logan holding my camera in louis's
camera lens . this is the actual shot she took for the video
w/ my camera, not too bad actually ;) hope they put this in

hottest couple ever ^^

when we wrapped cyrus and david, (the partners of the
company) said each of us can have one free pair of glasses .
so all of us were trying on every pair and taking pictures
for 20 minutes very excited because we got a free gift

peppertint were such fucking ballers, they had two bottles of cristal for
the wrap party ! are you serious ? just for like a 10 hour shoot we
get to drink cristal ?! here's the thing tho, i had to leave immediately
due to a prior engagement . so i didn't have one sip !! everyone stayed and
had dinner, smoked cigars, and drank cristal and i went home in traffic :/ .....

... so when they told me they were going out one last time 2 days later
before cyrus and david went back to china, i knew i had to make up for
a lost good time so i met them downtown at a bar solo and got turnt

after the bar we went back to this place at the watermark,
which is the nicest luxury apartments downtown . i've never
known anyone that lived there so this was a treat to finally
go . the view from the balcony was absolutely stunning ...

we all got so turnt up, for some reason i thought i was invincible .
if you know me you know i only drink when i'm at a club, i don't
go to bars and i never drink at home or at restaurants, but damn
we were having such a good time i couldn't stop . this was by
far the most drunk i have been in my life . i've only had one hangover
before, i was 19 and when i woke my head was ringing, i went back
to sleep for 2 hours and i was fine . this time i woke up at 10am
and just couldn't handle life, i texted my sister (who lives and works in my
plaza where i live) if she could bring me tea and aspirin . she told me she
breaks for lunch at 1pm, that was 3 hours away, i said fuck it and just layed
there till she came . but yeah, that kind of sums it up, this was suprisingly one
of my most fun jobs and easily one of the best crews i've ever been w/ . when
you do a job and it goes past the shoot and into moments like this and the clients
turns into friends it becomes truly awesome, this was the peppertint experience <3




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