i did a job for pepsi, these are all the behind the scenes shots . above is
the video from the shoot . here luna is posing in front of "buck wild's",
a sportsbar strip club . yes pepsi had us park at a stripclub... just sayin :)

ok this part was amazing . see the lavender building behind
the models ? that's where i live . can you believe that ?? i saw
on the call sheet that we were shooting in my courtyard i couldn't
believe it it, when we wrapped i was already basically home . i am
chillin here everyday just getting some sun or eating snacks, but on this
day pepsi was shooting here and i just so happened to be a part of it .
my sis works in the office here so she got to see me work, pretty cool

there really isn't much to say about this job except that
it was one of my favorites . the two photographers murdered
it and all the production team and models were rad . even when
they made me skate w/ no socks on leaving me w/ blisters
it i didn't care much because that day was so amazing .
also why do my feet look like they belong to a 70 yr old man ;(





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