"come, i play for you" KILLMENOW

albino guinea pig

shes got it all figured out, but it doesn't include destroying me on sunday
well we could've hiked too, to the top of love mountain where we could've camped for a million years

petting zoo with lance and devan

soooooo cute


went back with reem

sooo adorable

im a pigsty




song: the smiths - i want the one i can't have










i entered nothing and nothing entered me
'til you came with the key
and you did your best but
as i live and breathe
you have killed me
you have killed me

yes, i walk around somehow
but you have killed me
you have killed me
there is no point saying this again
But I forgive you, I forgive you
Always I do forgive you

....but if you ever need self validation,
just meet me in the alley by the railroad station


then we pet that donkey and you said I was the cutest thing you'd ever seen. I believed you , can you believe me.