Part 5/5 continued . these are our boatmen for both the days we
were in coron . i was at a club in manila and was talking to a couple,
told me about this amazing guy that took them around and he was really
sweet and adventurous . i wanted that experience too so i got his number
from them and wanted to come here . we called him up the day before
at the airport (we didn't plan ahead) and he's just like yeah let's do it
and was available both days . he gave us an amazing time thank u kuya :)

these are two photos i took vertically, for just guesstimating
this is actually not bad i got pretty close to nailing it

this is kayangan lake, a still lake w/ a mixture of salt and fresh
water . this is where i had my single favorite moment . kuya robert
invited me to swim about 45 minutes away to a closed lagoon where
not even boats are allowed . no filipino's know how to swim so no one
really goes there, celine doesn't either (:P) so it was just us two . i'm
suprised how it takes no energy to swim in still water w/ snorkels on .
anywho when we arrived we simply just sat there, like a very serene
moment . looked like jurassic park . we just closed our eyes and sat
on a rock in the water . that was it, for about 10 min then we swam back

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^^ the best beach i have ever been to, it was all ours for just over an
hour . i battled myself because i didn't know if i should just enjoy the
moment or capture it because i'll never get to do it again . here we
were, in paradise, and a lone dog just walks up and sits in the ocean .
everything that day was so perfect i didn't know what to do

we left because there was a typhoon coming the next day ^^
so we went back to manila to finish off the remaining days .

the nite before i came home all the relatives turned up for one
last dinner, i couldn't believe it . we sat around and then looked
at old photo albums and watched the kids sing songs from 'Frozen'

ok i think i get to corny on this site and "mushy" as Celine would
call it, so i'll just say this . i realize that i and everyone only has one chance
at life . and it's important to not regret, and as i sat there w/ some money
and time i think to myself.. i wanna feel something, i want to remember
something awesome . i want romance and adventure, the way my dad would
tell me stories that he had . what do we have ? we flirt w/ girls on
instagram then take them to some posh coffee shop and i'm so done w/
that boring ass shit i want to be better . so i take a step out.. i leave my
life on standby for a bit, i want to see what a different me feels like .
i fast forward a month, i wake up in a stange families home and say
goodmorning to everyone before i eat breakfast . i am in a new bed every
week w/ a wonderful girl as we travel all around the islands . i am
accepted and feel loved by this welcoming family and i think, wow
is this happening right now ? then i come home broke because i
left work, paid double rent, came home to bills etc etc . and i don't
really care because these were the absolute best days in my life :)
-- the world moves for love, it falls to its knees in awe of it <3 --




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