Part 4/5

bruised, bloody, and fresh yet we were ready for another trip .
this time we were going to take a 9 hour bus ride to banue to see
the world famous rice terraces, then go another hour and a half to
sagada . the only place where i heard it's actually cold enough to wear a
jacket . they have mountains and caves and we wanted to see it

the terraces ^^

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after 10 hours of sitting i got tired so i rode into sagada
in style like the OG's do, very entertaining i felt like a kid

this was the squad ^^ i just love how everyone has their own
story . mine was simply to just get away from my life for a short
bit . the guy in the glasses was to go on a short vacation by himself
before he met up w/ his girlfriend, he was from new zealand . the tall white
guy was extreme, he was from pennsylvania and just took off for
two years to see all of asia and be an english teacher . the brazilian
looking guy is actually from germany, he was on a surf trip all around asia just
hittin the waves :) i think he thought i was really weird at first because i kept
staring at him trying to figure out if he was marlon teixeira or not ;)
anywho we all met on a jeepney and became friends for this location .

when we got there we did this giant 6 hour cave hiking thing .
i felt so bad because celine's wounds reopened as she was climbing .
my biggest regret on the trip besides crashing us on a bike
was not bringing my camera . they told me it was dangerous to
do so but when we got in there there was 200 people taking
selfies w/ digital SLR's so i was bummed i did not bring mine .
especially because there was an underground pool there and no one
touched it because it was freezing and they were pussies but all of
us except celine and the white guy jumped in . it would've made a great photo .

this is a text we got from one of our tourguides
failing at trying to be sly selling us drugs ^^

celine and i heard about these amazing sunsets so both mornings we
were there we woke up for them . the first one was a complete bust,
we got there and after 20 min about 100 people showed up . all they did
was take selfies... filipinos LOVE to take selfies it drives me nuts but
someone explained that it's because a middle class just started recently
so people can finally travel and are enjoying it, can't hate on that... but i still
do a lil' cause it's obnoxious !! anywho we went w/ marlin that morning and
celine and i were pretty over it but we waited for marlin to enjoy it to be
courteous . then he's like, "my phone battery died we can go now" . i seriously
think the cell phone photos were more important than anything 2 him, so weird

we did another sunset to make up for the last . we were told
no one does this one because you have to hike for 45 min w/
a flashlight in the mud at 4:45 am . we invited the two guys above ^^
who stayed at our hostel . they complained that there was "no sun" .
they were idiots, the photos do not do it justice.. we were above it
all, w/ a mystic river made of clouds that moved within the mountain-
side . i felt like i was in a final battle scene in a samurai film . it was
just as awesome as it was beautiful . another moment

after sagada we returned home . waited a day and took off for one
final trip together, this was our last so we wanted it to be perfect . no
bike crashes, no mud, no getting fucked up in a cave or catching taxis,
just ocean and serenity NOW . so we chose to go to palawan again but
in a different town . this is the view from our hotel ^^

we never ate out !! lol :P :P :P the hotel food was cheap, and good,
and zero room service fee so we pretended we were young rich
yuppies and we ordered every meal to the room it was wonderful

words cannot describe how fantastic and peaceful this trip was .
i will continue w/ more photos of this trip in the final post :)



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