Part 1/5

okay the following 5 posts including this are from my trip to the
philippines for two months . the reason i wanted to do this trip is
because i wanted to LIVE, i wanted to do something extraordinary
and different . i wanted to live a different life and be someone else !
i think about my life and the life of other people w/ my current job .
you get to make up to thousands of dollars a day
and have no 9-5, you can take time off and come back WHENEVER
you please . it's like a gift... yet i have wasted mine, i think most of
us do . we work and don't want to leave to miss out on more work..
but then when do the fruits of our labor apply to our life ? i get money
and spend them on nice clothes or buy a 10$ smoothie everyday . it's
pointless . most of my friends have the same excuses when i bring up the idea
of traveling, "i don't wanna miss out on work" "pilot season is coming up"
"naw man.. later" . well i have to understand that everyone has different
priorities so i have to let up on them . but i cannot wait any longer, the world
is globalizing faster than anything it seems like . 7 years ago when my
father took me here, i turned heads almost everytime . now ? i saw more
white people in ONE restaurant than my whole THREE weeks i spent last
time, and i turned zero heads ! think about that.. that's just 7 years .
the world is globalizing so fast and the idea of the "south eastern asia
adventure" is dying because people are going everywhere, developing
third world countries, making them modern etc etc . i honestly think in
30 years there will only be a handful of countries you can go to and
feel really out of place . i really do think that, so i go now . and i
think traveling at this time, when you are young and open
is the most fun, because it's freedom, where you can still run wild and
not think about that future 9-5, that mortgage... idk . anywho i just thought,
fuck it i'll go alone . i wanted to go somewhere completely different, get a
place and just be someone different, so i bought a one way ticket and did just
that, left for a TBD amount of time . somedays do nothing, somedays
do everything . as corny as it sounds i think the best experiences of my
life have been romance moments in places that aren't my home w/ some-
one new . i think about when i met sedona on a job for Levi's in SF, or
on a 7 hour layover in germany i went in at dawn and met mara, we
kissed as the trains kept leaving and leaving, i remember we looked at
eachother as i boarded the train and the doors were closing . i mean,
WOW !! when i am older and sitting in a chair i will definitely get
high from my sweet sweet memories . so in my mind i set off to
live, to find adventure, and more romance ! boy did i and more :)

i'll just start off w/ the first photo i took of this girl and her
groceries... celine . this girl single handedly made this trip
unreal and changed my life . i will never forget this one .
all the things we did, all the things we went thru, how two strangers
in a country can meet and have nothing in common but just
vibe together so fucking hard it's amazing <3 <3 because paradise is
not a place, it's how you feel . and it wasn't until i met celine,
that the feeling of paradise started . all the photos are 90% her,
looking forward to showing you the life we lived together there

here are photos of the two story loft i rented for a
month and the view from the balcony

this is john, he worked at my gym 6 days a week .
the philippines has the BEST and the WORST
customer service . it all depends where you go,
in some places they will follow you around only two feet
away just wanting to help you, and as americans we
are not used to that . when i first came into the gym,
i didn't know who he was and he would just stare at me working
out it made me really uncomfortable at first but he was
just waiting to give me pointers . wish he worked at my LA gym

my agent in LA sent me to an agency there but decided to take
a break from that and just relax, roam around and not be "on call"

they have a store named after me ^^ :P

in america we have a yellow fold-up sign on the ground that reads,
"do not enter" or something close to that . in the philippines... they
have a stick ^^ same function but they are saving money on signs ;)

we spent halloween together, last year i was a cowboy and
this year i was a cholo . i think i've done that two or three times
already . i just piece things out of my wardrobe and call it a day

the day after we went to "all saints day" where people visit their dead
relatives and pray, leave food, and some even spend the night w/ them .

they have creams, soaps, medications that "whiten" your skin,
at first i thought this was another attempt to be more like the
westerners they seem to love so much but then i thought of us,
tanning creams, no suncreen, tanning beds... we actually lay
in beds that burn our skin and increase the chance of skin cancer
just to be darker . so i guess it's not any different than them bleaching
their skin . we want to be darker, they want to be lighter.. some humans
want what they aren't born with i suppose

i got a mani-pedi at the mall because i was bored
and actually thought my nails were looking pretty good ^^




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