Part 2/5

This is Celine's mother and sister and cousins . when they family first
heard about me, they wondered who i was and googled me . they found
madthirsty and absolutely dispised me and didn't want celine to be w/ me .
they thought i was going to do the worst to her, like i was pure evil . but once
they met me we really hit it off and enjoyed our time together playing tennis,
eating meals, or just hanging w/ the kids . but i feel like i'm a very sweet
honest person, and i thought that translates on this site too ? but i think the
partying and sex throws them off, but i imagine every man in his 20's who
lives in a city and does his thing like to party and have sex . they just don't
have a visual diary for the world to see i suppose :) anywho this is when we
all went to the tennis courts this is one of my favorite photos everyone was
crammed in the backseat even celine but she hid because she was embarassed :P

celine and her family took a family trip to palawan, (the best island in the world
according to travel and leisure magazine) they invited me to come but i thought
it would be cool to be solo and do my own thing for a bit .

i first hollered at my friend Xeng, who i met on this shoot in Los Angeles .
i asked her where she lived, she was only 4 blocks from me . what are the odds
of that happening ? we ended up hanging out and later going out w/ her boyfriend
Gabe, who besides celine was my favorite person i've met out there

xeng asked me to do this shoot and i was down because i didn't
mind helping her although i don't like to shoot rlly . the stylist was
like, "oh yeah let me twist this up it looks good" and starts to twist
up my helmut lang shirt . i was more concerned about my name
brand shirt than looking like a total feminine idiot...

after about 5-6 days i was like, fuck this shit i wanna be w/ the family so i called
them up and asked if the invitation was till on the table . they said yes so i bought
a ticket that night . we went to the natural wonder, "the underground river" where
it's a river in a long cave . we also took a firefly river tour, and went to the beach .
basically i did a bunch of family tourist stuff w/ them but i really enjoyed it .





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