i shot an editorial of the popular actor/singer samuel larsen . tom assisted
and todd styled it . it was a full day w/ 8+ looks . i'm excited to post it soon :)

at least 12 of these photos have super dark backgrounds and random vignettes .
i took these to samy's camera because my usual spot is closed for holidays
and they totally fucked these . taking the picture isn't enough w/ film, then you have
to find a lab worthy of handling it . and now i know saving 12$ and 24 hours does
not compare to the potential damage they do . cause when you get your shit back
and it looks like this you wished you could have waited that day and dopped some more $

the reunion w/ the man that STARTED my career . my very first shoot .
his photos are so amazing photogenics is still using them for my comp card,
and they are over 2 years old, maybe 3 now . samy's can suck my cock
for fucking this one up . thank you tony duran for changing my life ^^ :)

us 5 just danced for over an hour in our little circle we had the time of our life there

tom and i met two friends at a bar downtown and we took a cab to a nearby party .
i went to the bathroom.... decomposing floor, laundry detergent in the
BATHROOM trash . no toilet paper on the roll, toothpast tube w/ no toothpaste .
someone has made a life in this home, and this is their bathroom . what a mess

we stayed up till 4am, i told remi i would drive him to ojai to buy his
new rv/home/life at 8am . i was fucked for thinking i could pull that off

here it is.... remi's new life ^^ this guy NEVER ceases to amaze me . his lust for life beats out EVERYONE
i know . he sold his new beamer for this 1989 RV . he moved out of his place . ALL of his posessions
can fit into TWO duffel bags... i can't . Remi you are next lvl and i'm so happy ur my friend :)

after we had lunch at the restaurant i worked at in ojai for a year and a half .
i loved that job, the only reason i left was to move to SD . it was great visiting

apple . i can't say the following in any way w/out sounding like a douchebag but it's the 100%
honest truth . women come in and out of my life all the time . it's true, you can tell because
the guys are up here, they are my boys and will remain that way . but the girls on madthirsty
pop up and disappear all the time but you basically see the same 7 dudes on different posts .
sometimes it's platonic and sometimes it's not . sometimes we fall in and out of love too quickly,
start to get annoyed or over it etc etc.. but apple has remained on my brain for some reason .
when we met, besides the fact that we already had all of each other within 3 hours of meeting,
she showed me a whole new mindset . where guys would think she is absolutely crazy, talking about
loving me, being my gf, moving in, having KIDS, within a WEEK . things that would make ANY GUY think she
is a complete nutjob, instead she brought me to a fantasy world . and i was on board, like my toes were
hanging off the cliff of insanity . she gave me a new experience, and now it's in the white of my eyes..

i'm pretty sure she was just killing time downtown w/ me for a couple of hours in between her appointments
but i didn't care . a couple of weeks ago i called her and told her that i was obsessed w/ her and that i can't break
the spell that she has on me . she's like, "um okay i'm gonna take a shower and call you back" .
she never did ;) that's a good thing tho probably . because not even i can handle this wild child .
all I wanted was a taste, enough to waste a day, just enough to make me sick, i can't get too much of it .
this girl is going to destroy so many men's lives and i cannot express how happy i am that i was one of them ;)

but i just feel like, one more fuck and i can own you . apple if you are reading this, i want to
let you know, that you were made for someone like me, and one day, when i'm ready,
i'm going to find you, and i'm going to take you home...







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