beach twilight

laura going thru photos

photographing trash

yes.... it is

funny night, we went to the pier on a monday w/ nothing in mind,
found this dog and thought someone lost it since it had a leash. turned
out it belonged to the homeless lady in the van there. a bicyclist gave us a
bad tip on wanted signs at vons about two miles away, we went there, technically we
stole the dog.

walking walking ran into these two girls who were sitting at the fountain downtown
at 2 a.m, road tripping from sf. they joined the hunt. pulled a cheesy line that got the honey-dip
on the left to put the sugar on my tongue,"what do i get if i find your sandal.....?"
she's kinda like me on things we talk about. so into her i didn't notice the ed hardy tee

dude at vons was like yeah i've seen that dog it belongs to this lady in a van by the pier. ohhh fuck...
we returned it and she was cool about it, couldn't figure out why she was walking an empty wheelchair though

passport pic



this 1 strictly for wesley's request





a kid who has a unicorn ranch in his room cannot call other people weird.
yes, thats' right, we know about "rancho unicorno"