did a shoot for talley denim, my friend josh shot it who lives
3 blocks away from me . so when i showed up late he said,
"dude you live 5 min away you have no excuse to be late" .
motherfucker put me in my place :/ anywho as you can see now i
shoot half black and white half color now, i switch between every roll .
let me know what u think . also these black and whites look like shit to me,
this film is called acros, better stick to the best which is tri-x in my opinion .

i'm obsessed w/ this kid, everytime i see him out he's going buckwild
and doesn't care about anything . he dances his own way and dresses
very cool . i was talking to him and he said he was moving to berlin
in two weeks and is going to DJ under the name, "dirtynumbangelboy"
which is lyrics to a song by underworld which is one of my favs . i have
a good feeling about this one, i think he is very special <3

i didn't go out on the saturday before superbowl sunday because
i had a shoot that day for puma at 10am . when i got their i looked at
the schedule and as you can see my first shot wasn't even until 2pm .
you got me FUCKED UP . i know that some producers will make an earlier
calltime on purpose to account for models being late and i get that . but 4 hours
not doing anything is too much, SMH . shot w/ adorable pretty kids and this girl

ended the day at the milk studios superbowl party . as i look
thru this post it starts out at a chic moschino party w/ my fashion
friends, then warwick and bootsy bellows w/ west hollywood people .
mustache monday w/ the downtown art queens, a japanese house
music dance warehouse thing till 4am, a relaxing house party in the
hills, and a milk studios party . as corny as it sounds i think the thing
i am proud of is my versatility . the fact that i think i can be at all these places
and not feel out of place . and being around all the scenes, you can draw
power from that and use that to stimulate you culturally and have that
influence who will become . having an array of friends from many different
scenes keeps things exciting and fresh for me . not that anyone has asked me
for life advice lately but if they have, i would tell them to be versatile . i think it's a
strong way to be an individual in a very saturated world right now . just a thought :)
cheesy but just sayin' !








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