"last day of having a wispy-mustache selfie"

fuckwithremiyouknowhegotit ^^

i like nick (pictured left) . he's one of those guys where i don't hang out w/ outside of work
that often but if i show up to a job and he's there it's like we've been bro's for life . he's got a
great personality, on set i'm definitely the sal mineo to his james dean . we've done two denim
campaigns together where we were the only guys, i hope we get a third !

it was supposed to be one for each of us michael..... one for each of us ;( ;( ;(

went to raging waters w/ all my hometown friends . that girl on the left breanna
was the first girl to break my heart, i was in a relationship w/ her longer than anyone else .
i was a junior or senior in highschool and we lived close so i would give her a lift to school
each morning, one day i called and asked if she needed a ride and she replied,
"you didn't see the note i left ?" she left a note on my car window about breaking up w/ me .
i don't think i even went to school that day, i just remember being traumatized and crying to my
mom, i wrote a sappy blog on my myspace page that all my friends commented on saying
"you don't need her !" and stuff like that . i got really pale because i didn't leave the house
for two weeks . she literally broke my heart, i'm smiling as i'm typing this right now because it's
so funny to think about when we were younger and how we would act . anywho it's been forever since i
have seen her but when i do we just carry on like friends. and they called it pupppyyyyyy luuvvvvvvv

dislike it when you get an awesome group photo that occurs once every 5 years and random people are in it .
damn you thirsty ass nick for trying to get w/ these random chicks and throwing them in our shot tho !! luv u anyways:)










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