another nite w/ sterling . we went to bootsy bellows and then to an
after party . we get there and don't really talk to anyone but instead
play a couple games of bean bag toss . after sterling is talking to a gorgeous
girl that is really into him . i see where it's going and it's late so decide to go home .
sterling says, "nah i'm coming w/ you" . so we go to my place around 4am
and do lightshows and freestyle . giving up a 10/10 girl just to hang a lil longer .
he is always full of surprises, i'm ALWAYS wondering what's next ;)

barefoot outside the club :/ it's like omar says, 'beauty is painful !"

the following three photos are from when celine visited me the day
after christmas . i just found the roll so i got it developed 8 months later

sulem and i get out of giorgio's hanging out on the sidewalk planning
our next move . next thing you know these guys come up and say, "so
what are you guys doing now ?" . we tell them, hop in their uber and we
are off ! love moments like that where just one interaction turns into hanging out .
we get to the place and it's lit at 3am and we all just had a great time together

after a while i just get tired and call an uber home . the guy driving
was like, "dude i was just in there ! i picked up the promoter and when
we arrived he invited me in, so i just danced for 3 hours !" . i love that <3

pretty sleepy lil abi

met up w/ carson at the standard, he came down to get me and
wasn't allowed back up . after turning up on the security we gave
up and walked into a vogueing competition that was fun to watch

cute raver girls hanging out on a stoop in HWood

again after giorgio's saturday nite we chase the moon and see
what else is out there, i see a few friends along the way

end up at a hotel where coco is enjoying the warm bath . sulem has a grin and
grabs any bikini she can find and joins in for all of us to smile and watch

and we outta here












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